Friday, March 19, 2010

Northwest Pacific Tree Octopus?

We are beginning a unit on the Fact and Opinion by researching and finding out more about the Loch Ness Monster in Mrs. Grubbs third grade class. Yesterday we began by looking at different online resources and talking about looking for fact vs opinion and the purpose of the sites - are they for information, do they want to sell something, do they want you to vote for them, or do something. Today we looked closer at a website about the Northwest Tree Octopus. Students had to look through the information and find both facts and opinions, understand the purpose of the site, and decide if they thought the tree octopus is real or made up. They had to support their stance with evidence from the site and will post their opinions and evidence on the class wiki. I am interested to see what they say - about half believe it is real and half believe it is made up. What do you think? (Be sure to look at the information tab, the FAQ tab, and the sightings tab.)

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