Tuesday, April 27, 2010

US Research for first Glogs!

Fifth grade classes from Mrs. Hill and Mrs. Hennis' rooms have been researching states and regions of the US using WorldbookOnline, websites, state books, and other sources. Of course we are citing our sources as we go and using the Big 6 research process while we gather our information.
Using links off the Destiny homepage
Using websites and WorldbookOnline
So glad they still use print sources too! We talk about text features to find information and also about backing up information you find online with trusted sources.
So, what comes next? Glogs of course! We are very excited to try this out - I learned about it at the technology conference I went to a couple of months ago. Students will be taking the information they learned about their assigned regions and sharing with the class. Each student will then choose two regions to pair up and create a post about why they would or would not get along well together and why. This might be because they are similar in many ways or because opposites attract, but students will have to approach comparing and contrasting in a new way. You can see an abbreviated example I made to show the kids using Canadian provinces here. We are excited to see how they like it!

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