Sunday, November 20, 2011

Games Win Kids Over


Kids love games, especially in our age of video games. the key in school in making those games relevant to your curriculum. Dr. Ertzberger at UNC-Wilmington has developed several games that are easy to edit and use with your class. While these games are not as fancy as video games, they are easy to use! Most are in PowerPoint, a few are in Excel or Word. (There are also resources such as downloadable countdown timers that are great for the SMARTboard.) You simply download the templates, edit as needed and play! There is a YouTube video you can see as a tutorial if you need help editing, but most of them are simple to do. Games that mimic shows such as Jeopardy can be found here, but he has changed the name and there is no music so you do not have to worry about copyright infringements that some templates on the web have. I attended a workshop by Dr. Ertzberger a few years ago, and at the time he stated that he has all his templates checked by a copyright expert to be sure there are no infringement issues. Some of the games you edit to add your own questions, but some of the templates are meant to be used with oral questions and teams just move their race car or uncover boxes looking for a treasure with each correct answer. This way you can use them with students for a quick review without having edited it for the current topic you are teaching. Check out the site! Oh, and did I mention - most of it is FREE! He does have some templates on a premium site and a book you can buy, but there are a lot of free templates available too.

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