Friday, April 27, 2012

Cats and Dogs

I have been working on the Super 3 with my K-2 students, and am doing a different type of animal that they are interested in with each group. First grade is currently doing a small cat project, and second is doing dogs. These books just fly off our shelf so I thought they would be interested in doing them, plus they are short, simple books so any reading level should work with this. They are working with a partner to read about and take notes on a certain type of cat or dog, depending on the grade level. We talked first about the Plan stage and brainstormed questions and information sources, and now they are in the Do stage of reading and taking notes. Next time, they will finish notes and create a project from the information and then Review them. Here are some shots of the first graders working on their cat research.

How do you use the Super 3?

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