Thursday, June 14, 2012

Have a GREAT Summer!

During the summer break I will not be posting as often, but please check in now and then and come back in August! Have a fantastic summer and be sure you READ!!


  1. I found your blog from Pinterest and I've been reading through it for two days (when my 8 month old is asleep.) I'm a media specialist in Alabama, and you have inspired me! I'm so excited about this upcoming year because last year I was just learning with it being my first year in the LMC and being on materity leave for 3 months. So thank you for all that you do for newbies like me! I do have a random question for you. We use Destiny also and I'm trying to decide about having individual accounts for my students. Do you do that with you students in Destiny? If so do you let them create their own account or do you create them? If you do create them, how do you do that in the Backoffice? Thank you for your time and I hope you are enjoying your summer!

    1. Hi Shannon! Thank you so much for your comment! I am so happy to hear when I help someone. I also had a baby a little over a year ago, so congrats! I am happy to answer any questions to give my ideas or opinions. Our central office creates student accounts for the students. Some schools in our system use them a lot to let students put books on hold, etc. I don't really use it with my own students yet because we have not needed to. We do our holds in person and I prefer it that way so they are not requesting books from other schools and such. I am not really sure the best way to do it unless you have access to the batch uploads, it would be really time consuming but if you have the access level to do it, I think you can edit the patron information to give them a password and such. Try the help icon at the top right, it is usually helpful. This will likely all depend on the access level you have from your central office too. Let me know if I can help with anything else!

    2. Thank you so much! I think I've talked myself out of it after your response. Congrats on your little one too! I hope that I can get my blog up to date throughout the year.