Friday, August 31, 2012

Using Videos to Teach Procedures

I decided that it might be both more entertaining and more consistent to use some pre-made videos of how to do some of our library procedures. Our mascot is Caleb the Croc, and I asked him to help me make the videos so they would be more timeless for the students. He was very kind in willing to help! I am planning to not only show these to students, but also post them on the media center website so that new students can see how to do different things in our media center. I can also use them to review procedures later in the year if needed.

I made a short video of things like returning books, using a browsing stick, how to get books that are on hold, using Destiny, and checking out books and magazines. Here is the one about using Destiny so you can see an example. Thanks Caleb!
How do you help your students learn and review procedures?

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