Tuesday, February 1, 2011

NCCBA 2011

It is that time again! Time for the students to read and vote on the NCCBA nominees. NCCBA stands for North Carolina Children's Book Award and is decided entirely based on student votes! Most of the K-2 students will read the picture book nominees and vote with Mrs. DuBois, while 3-6 students can check out and read the junior book nominees and send their votes to Mrs. DuBois. They must read at least 5 nominees to vote. The votes will be sent on to the state and added to other NC student votes to tally up the winners! Winners will be announced toward the end of the school year. All votes are due to Mrs. DuBois by March 15th so they can be counted and sent in to the state on time. To see the list of nominees, stop by the media center to see the poster or check the link below. Good Reading!

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