Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Best Christmas Pageant Ever Fakebook Pages

With a small group of 4th graders, we made Fakebook pages for characters from The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. We talked about thinking about the characters, what images could represent them best? Then, we went to Pics 4 Learning and saved images. Thinking about the order of the story, we wrote 10 sequential comments the characters might have made based on things that happened in the book. Add to that a list of a few friends they might have from the book, and we are ready to start. Having these items on paper is helpful if the Fakebook doesn't work so you can still see the thought and they don't lose the work.

I showed the short tutorial clip first just to get them excited, it is only about 1:40 long. Then, they got to work on the pages. There were a couple of glitches. Some of the computers repeated or would not upload the images, which is the issue we had last time. Also, be sure you only do pictures that are uploads from your computer and NOT auto select from Google images. Here are some of the pages we ended up with. Here are Gladys Herdman, Charlie, Beth, Alice, Leroy, Imogene, and below you can see one for Claude. This is a great way for kids to rethink events in a book from a different point of view and think about character traits also.

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