Monday, December 19, 2011

Meet Amazing Americans

America's Story, a resource from the Library of Congress, has too many elements to cover in one post. I already talked about the Explore the States section in an earlier post, now let's look at the section Meet Amazing Americans. In addition to a short game called Dynamite Presidents about Mount Rushmore, there are links to lists of famous Americans from leaders and presidents to musicians and activists to enterpreneurs and inventors, and more! This would be a great place to start to think of people to fit a group you might want students to research. Our third grade is working on economics and may do something about entrepreneurs. Each link to groups of famous Americans lists several people. When you click on a name, you get some basic biographical information along with links to other articles relating to that person to help broaden the context of their life. I would suggest looking to see who is included however before assigning a name to students to make sure they are listed. Another option would be to let students just browse the groups and choose someone who interests them.

Our second grade does a big Harlem Renaissance project every year, so for example, let's use Langston Hughes. You see his basic information along with links to things like his early years, information about being a Renaissance Man, from busboy to poet, and other links that help put the basic biographical information into a bigger context of the Harlem Renaissance but still on a student level.

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