Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Student Helpers

Sometimes you just have those aha moments that you wonder why you didn't think of them before. Yesterday, I was working with a third grade class. They were finishing up a powerpoint to present in our next session, and I had 3 sets of partners done while the rest still had a ways to go. I told the ones that were done they could be my helpers and circulate to answer and assist with the things they knew but to refer questions they didn't know the answer to back to me. It made things so much easier! Kids didn't have to wait for me to get to them when the students could answer simple questions like how to insert a picture and change the background because they already did it. I know it seems a simple enough thing I should have thought of long ago, but I will definitely be using this strategy again. It might even encourage students to focus and finish faster so they can be a helper.

What do you do when some students finish earlier than others?

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