Monday, November 5, 2012

Mock Election 2012

Our 4th grade team did a fantastic job last week of holding a mock election for the student body. Two weeks ago, each student came to the gym and "registered" to vote, then last week they came back, checked in, and voted for the next president using a picture ballot. Each class was assigned one or two states to represent. Then, in an all-school assembly, the electoral votes were tallied as each "state" announced their classroom victor. Here is a news story a local news channel did on the mock election. It was a great learning experience for the kids and they had a lot of fun doing it. The winner? Based on our electoral votes, it will be Mitt Romney, but we will see if they were correct tomorrow. No matter who you vote for - be sure you vote!

We're famous!
Our final map of the electoral votes.

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