Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Big Huge Labs

Big Huge Labs is a site I have heard about for a while but didn't have a chance to look at much until today. I still get the feeling that I am just touching the surface of what I can do with it, but there are lots of ideas already popping into my head! For example, have students do a book 'report' by creating a movie poster or magazine cover. I just recently worked with a second grade class on researching life cycles in different animals and integrated text features into it by having them present the information as a page from a book complete with headings, bold words, pictures and captions, and a citation. The magazine cover would be a great addition to that. There are also trading cards available to create, this would be perfect for animal research or biographies. I might even try it out on a class that comes for Black History month research. Here is a quick two minute example I made of a clown fish trading card.

I think kids would love this! It is still the same learning process but having a more fun way to present the information gets them much more involved and fired up about the project. How have you used it in your classroom? What other ideas do you have for it?

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