Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Loving Livebinders

At a district workshop last Monday, I had the chance to learn more about Livebinders. Basically, it is like a virtual three ring binder that you can add links, upload files, or add other types of virtual information. I have heard of it before, but never had the time to check it out. Now, I am a wee bit obsessed. My Destiny homepage has been on steroids for a while now with the number of links I had on there, but this allowed me to put the links in a more organized way. I added one link under several subject areas to my Livebinder, which also allowed me to then sort the links into tabs. I have not tried it with students yet, but I am hoping it will be more organized for them also! I am embedding a few of the binders I made already so you can check them out for yourself! (Of course, I will be editing and changing them over time I imagine as I find new sources or older ones change.) If you have suggestions for any resources for these Livebinders, please let me know!!


  1. Yay for you and LiveBinders!!!!

  2. This blog post was shared on twitter and then retweeted by several people including @LiveBinders :-)

    1. Wow - amazing how social media can get ideas out there!