Friday, January 6, 2012

Starting the Solar System Journey

moon12.jpg - Night
We are embarking on a new experience here at Caleb's Creek with the hope of a true integrated unit among the specialists. Third graders are going to be working on a digital storybook about the solar system inspired by this one from another school called Lost and Found Sabrina about snakes. The idea is this:
  • research the planets, sun, and moon with me
  • write a fictional story using the information and including something about character education with Mrs. Nieters
  • illustrate the story with Ms. Matthews
  • create music for the story with Mr. Baker
  • learn more about the solar system in science with Ms. Fulp
  • solar system game in PE with Mrs. Martin
  • create the digital book and narrate in the lab with Mrs. Jones
I am really excited about seeing how this goes and what the kids come up with! We will keep you posted and hopefully post the final projects, but that will probably not be until the end of the quarter.

There are some other great solar system resources for using in the classroom while teaching the solar system. This is a great site for information about the planets. This is another great one for information on planets, moons, the sun, comets, etc. This site has links to some great videos and information. The videos are from YouTube, but they must have the education tag because they still played for me and most of YouTube is still blocked at our school. Of course, most link sets are not complete without something from Wonderopolis, such as Why Pluto Is No Longer A Planet. This actually was the first time I truly understood it myself!

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