Thursday, January 26, 2012

Should you or shouldn't you?

I was recently asked by a 6th grade teacher to help her think of a topic for an argumentative paper for her kids that they could choose a side to argue. I thought about it for a while and wanted something that kids today might have a definite opinion about, but not know all the facts on. I settled on suggesting music sharing/downloading.

Copyright is something kids really don't get in this age of everything is free somehow on the internet. This site would be a great starter to help them better understand some of the ins and outs. They are always wanting to just go to Google images and take whatever they want for projects even though I try to point them in the direction of sites like Pics 4 Learning and other public domain sites like Creative Commons.  This would be a good lesson starting point.

Music is in the same category. If they are not selling it, they don't see the problem. They don't think about the other side issues. I found this site from the NY Times that features a discussion among students about the pros and cons. There is a presentation of the pros and cons in list form here. I would be really interested to hear students' arguments for or against it once they really looked at both sides. Do you have any suggestions for other sources or points to bring up with the students?
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