Friday, February 3, 2012

Black History PowerPoints

Yes, I know some people think powerpoints are outdated, but kids still like to make them and they are a good way to show how to organize notes in main idea phrases. I worked with second grade classes on researching biographies of famous Black Americans for Black History Month. They had to find the birthdate, birthplace, why they are famous, and two important facts. We also talked a lot about citations and how important it is to cite your sources. Each student had to opportunity to use a book and we also used World Book Kids online to let them start using that as a source as well.

To gather and organize the information, I simply had them fold a piece of blank paper into 4 boxes with one box for each part of the information. On the back, we cited the book in one box, and the website in another. Then, for the powerpoint, they were to type one bullet point for each box and add the citation information at the bottom. Then, they could either insert a picture as long as they cited the source, or think about the person and choose a clip art image that represented them. For example, a music note or microphone for a singer. Here are a few student work samples:

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