Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Accidents

I have been reading Shark Vs Train with some of my classes this week as part of the North Carolina Children's Book Award classes. I had the webcam for the Monterey Bay Open Sea exhibit open in the background ready to show after the book as students are sometimes lucky enough to see a hammerhead shark swim past. Suddenly in the middle of the book, a woman's voice started coming from the webcam. I was not quite ready for it yet, but quickly finished the book and switched over to it as I realized it was an announcer at the aquarium talking about a live feeding happening in the moment. I had not even thought about an experience like that being available, but it was a lot of fun. We could not see the feeding itself as the camera doesn't move but we could still see the animals swimming and heard a lot of fun information about them. We never got the see the hammerhead shark in the tank swim by, usually we see him at least once, but there is a page that has pictures of all the animals so we used that instead as a backup. We did see sardines, mahi mahi, sea turtles, rays, and tuna. The aquarium is in California and we are in NC, so it was actually 2 PM here when it started, but here is the information about the feeding.

From the Monterey Bay site:
Open Sea Feeding
Where: Open Sea Exhibit
When: 11 a.m.
Length: 15 minutes
Join us in front of one of the world's largest windows as we feed the animals in our spectacular Open Sea exhibit. See who's hungry and learn about the amazing adaptations of tuna, turtles, sharks, sardines and others. Learn the important roles they play to keep their habitats in balance. View our underwater cam for live images of this exhibit.

There are other feedings available also, you can see more information on their site. Look for ones with links to webcams. Here is a picture of their Open Sea exhibit.
Open Sea Exhibit

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