Thursday, May 10, 2012

Book Trailers

As you might have guessed from my last post, I am experimenting with having the kids make books trailers - similar to book reviews but hopefully a little more like a movie trailer! I mentioned Meet Me at the Corner as a source for some book reviews, but another site I came across was Book Trailers for Readers. There are so many good titles to choose from but the class had recently read Charlotte's Web, so we viewed that one. This would also be a great source for trailers just to show kids when they are at a loss of what book to choose.

We watched the Charlotte's Web review and talked about how they describe the book, story, and characters, but don't give anything away about what will happen. Starting with a question and ending with a cliffhanger are also key elements. The Book Chook also has a post about writing a review for kids that has helpful steps and suggestions. There is also a section there with suggested questions to help guide kids in writing their review. This site is meant more for written reviews I believe, but would still be helpful in writing the script for a taped book trailer.

I am excited to see what the kids come up with!

What are your favorite books you would like to see a book trailer about? 

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