Friday, May 18, 2012

Summer Reading

A parent came in today to talk to me about suggestions for books that her fourth grade daughter might like since she got very interested in The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall recently, but hasn't been interested in many others. I suggested books by Betty Ren Wright, the new Titanic series by Gordan Korman (since she was also interested in Titanic and I thought it combined the two), and The Westing Game. Any other title or authors anyone wants to suggest?

I am always happy to help suggest books. I love reading and it is my favorite part of my job to help kids find books that get them excited about reading. Ask anytime!

Speaking of reading, don't forget that our public library (and other public libraries in most places) has a summer reading program you can participate in. Kids, teens, and even adults can participate free of charge. You could win a $25 or $100 Barnes and Noble gift card! Check out your public libraries for information.

Most importantly - KEEP READING! Books can help you have some great summer adventures!

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