Monday, May 7, 2012

Solar System update

I talked about our ongoing solar system project before, but we are getting back to it in the media center now to create the photostories this week. In a nutshell, they started with research about the planets with me, moved on to write the stories in character education (incorporating bullies, character ed topics, etc), illustrated the stories in art, and performed SchoolHouse Rock including Interplanet Janet in music class. Now, it has come back to me and we will be narrating the stories this week using Photostory, though there are tons of other programs you could also use. Today I was photographing their illustrations to start the photostory project so they are ready for them to narrate and was so excited about some of the pictures! I have not read the stories yet, I wanted to hear the students tell them for the first time, but if the pictures are any indication, I think they will be great! We are so excited about this project. I will post again on the results when they are finished, but here is some of the artwork I got today.

I love the french beret by the Eiffel Tower

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