Monday, September 24, 2012

Plant Big 6

We are working on a plant project in third grade. We did a similar project last year, but this year we are not doing unusual plants. I am trying to build in the Big 6 and Super 3 more often with my classes so the information will hopefully travel with them year to year as they get more used to hearing it and doing it. So, we are using the Big 6 process to research plants. They will be taking notes, compiling their information, and creating a powerpoint about their plants. We have just started working on note taking and discussing that notes should be important key words, not whole sentences. Here are some of the kids getting started.

Our state is kind enough to fund several resources through NC Wise Owl, so we are using the Britannica encyclopedia through that to read about their assigned plant. They are working with a partner. I can't wait to see what their finished products look like!

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