Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wiki What?

I am experimenting with using wikis this year. I am starting with my fifth graders and may work down to younger grades in the future, but I don't know yet. We spent our time going over what a wiki is, how and when you might use a wiki, examples of a wiki, and cyber safety and etiquette. This video was a really helpful introduction for them. (The previous link will take you to the video on TeacherTube, it is also on YouTube, but can't be embedded.)

 We also discussed the roles in a wiki - editor, writer, and reader. The students are so far starting out as readers who can read and comment, but can't edit pages yet. As the year goes on, we may increase the role to writer so they can really get a feel for the point of a wiki, but I wanted them to practice with cyber etiquette a bit first. I am hoping to use this wiki for a few things this year - as an exit ticket sometimes at the end of a class, as a place for students to post book requests, and a place to post book reviews.We may also use it for group work collaboration if we get to the point of becoming writers. Here are some of kids commenting on the wiki.
This is our wiki homepage.

Any other great ideas of how to use a wiki?

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