Monday, March 26, 2012

Egyptian Newspapers

A class about to read The Egypt Game came in to do some quick research on an aspect of Egypt. We let them look around the livebinder I had made and choose their own topic, but we talked about thinking about narrowing down a topic so it is not too broad. Many of them chose a god or goddess which surprised me. I thought most of them would want to do something with mummies or pyramids. Some did those, and some did particular Pharoahs also, but the majority were researching a god.

Our original plan was for them to do a museum box but I am still learning how to use that so we changed it to the newspaper generator. I was excited to use it, I posted about it earlier this year, but had not used it with a class yet. We had the students type their articles and do citations in Microsoft Word first so they could save it, spell check, and edit since you can't save it in the newspaper generator. Once they had that, they went to the newspaper site and just copied and pasted it in. NOTE: The newspaper generator only allows a certain amount of text. It didn't say that anywhere on the site, so we didn't know, but it would cut off the articles partway through if they were longer or not have all the citations, etc. So, we just had the students print off their Word document also to be able to grade the whole thing, which was another plus for having them type it in Word first.

The kids really got a kick out of making their articles look like they were actually in a newspaper. I do wish they didn't limit the space amount though.

Here are some samples of finished products - keep in mind some got cut off.

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