Friday, March 2, 2012

Skype with Suzanne Slade!

We were lucky today to get to have a Skype session with Suzanne Slade as part of Literacy Day! She has written about 85 non-fiction books for kids and was a lot of fun to talk with. We even met her dog Corduroy! A second grade class that had recently been studying biographies was the class that got to talk to her and they came with many great questions. We found out there is even a picture of her son and husband canoeing in a book she wrote about canoeing. Thank you Ms. Slade!! We hope we can talk to you again next year for Literacy Day!

She showed us a map of schools participating and where she lives in Chicago.

The kids were prepared with questions they wanted to ask!

She showed us some of her books.

We even got to meet her dog!
Thank you to Suzanne Slade for a fun experience that really excited the kids! Skype is such a great way to get some really cool opportunities!

Edited to add: Mrs. Slade sent us a picture she took of her end of the session! See it below. Thanks again!!

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