Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lino It!

I just came across a great resource called Lino that I thought a lot of us could use in a lot of different ways. I have just started playing with it but I think it could be used in a thousand different ways. You could use it as grade levels to collaborate and share sources or ideas, you could use it with students to pose a question and have them each post a sticky note response, use it as a brainstorming board with students, and probably a lot more I haven't thought of yet! Let me know if you come up with other good ideas! My first thought was collaboration, my second thought was you could have a daily question that students each post an answer sticky note.

Here is an example of one I started brainstorming some of the projects I do with my 3rd graders.

It says there is no limit to the number of boards you can have and is easy to figure out and use. It is free, you just need an email to make an account. You can embed them on your website, give links, make them public or private, and allow others to also post sticky notes. Could be a great resource for LTMs (Learning Team Meetings at my school where grade levels meet to plan) or for a canvas for each unit you do with your grade level? Just a thought that I wondered if some of you might be able to use. Here is a how to.

Have a great Wednesday!

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