Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Animals Everywhere

It seems like everyone is learning about animals this time of year - 4th grade has been studying animal groups to be able to create their own animal, 2nd grade has been researching animals, and a first grade class is working to partner research an animal and create a powerpoint as part of the common core informational writing standards. The first grade group came today to start their powerpoint with the graphic organizer we had already filled out. They are making one slide for each question on the organizer. They did such a fantastic job! They worked together, took turns typing, got way more done than I thought they would, and are excited about the project. Tomorrow, they will be back to finish typing and add colors, pictures, etc. Here are some pictures of them working on the research portion. We spent one day using books and one day using an online encyclopedia through NC Wise Owl.

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