Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Time to Harvest the Plant Projects!

We started a plant project in late September with third grade. Because there are so many classes (eight this year!) it has taken us a little longer to finish, but they presented at the end of October. Each class was divided into partners and assigned a plant. They were to use the Big 6 process to research the plant, create a powerpoint, and present it to the class. Last year, we did the same sort of project with odd plants, but with a change in online encyclopedia options, we had to change them up this year and went with more plants that help people somehow - either as an herb, a fast growing food for animals, fire deterrent, or some other use. I was happy with what most of them came up with for their first big research project in the Big 6. (I use Super 3 with K-2.) Here are some of their powerpoint slides. They were asked to choose a color that represented their plant and to include their citation for their information. All of their pictures were from clip art.


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