Monday, November 19, 2012

Turkey Time

As Thanksgiving approaches, I took the opportunity to use the Super 3 with first graders to learn more about wild turkeys. To show them how to use a variety of information sources, we observed them in this 1 minute clip from ARKive, read about them on this website, and looked them up in an online encyclopedia (we used Amazing Animals from Grolier through NC Wise Owl.) After gathering information, I asked the kids to draw a turkey and write four facts they learned on the tail feathers. They did a great job! Here are some of their pictures/facts. I hope you can read the facts because they did a good job remembering a lot of neat stuff like they sleep in low branches, can have up to 18 eggs, use their feathers to attract females, the skin on their head can change colors (which I didn't know!), and they eat seeds and insects. You can also see some of the information they gathered in details they have in their pictures. Great job first graders!

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