Monday, November 19, 2012

Wampanoag and Pilgrim Life

After a lesson comparing Pilgrim life almost 400 years ago with our lives today, I wanted to add on to that knowledge with a comparison between Wampanoag and Pilgrim life. I pulled together images of things like Pilgrim houses, clothes, cooking methods, etc and the same for Wampanoag houses and such. Then, we folded a paper and drew pictures to represent each side of life. I got all of the images from Creative Commons. Here are just a couple of the images I used to show them what life looked like:
On a side note, Creative Commons is a great source for images. If you search this way, most images that come up have granted permission to use them. Some have certain restrictions such as attribution, share alike, or not for commercial use, so make sure you check for that and make sure what you are using it for fits in those parameters. I use it all the time to jazz up my SMART notebooks and to show students images that add to what we are learning, and it is a great source for images for student projects also.

But back to this lesson, here are some of the end results from the Kindergarteners.


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