Tuesday, November 13, 2012

When the Technology Fails...

...you have to have a Plan B. 
But first, let me catch you up.

I have been working with 2nd grade on animal research. We spent two classes researching the animals, then we made a powerpoint. Here are some of the examples they have done. I have to point out how great they did with including the citations like we talked about! All the pictures are from clip art in powerpoint.

 Then, today the network crashed and we were without computers - they could not save, they could not go on the internet, I could not even open my SMART notebooks, so I had to do some quick adjustments. Instead of doing powerpoint, we did a paper slide. The kids did a great job working together and most of them finished or almost finished in one class! It is amazing how reliant we can become on technology, but the kids still adapt so well. Here are some of the results from today - they have the same elements as the powerpoints above with facts, a picture of the animal in its habitat, and a citation.
Splitting up the duties
This group decided to each do a picture since they both wanted to do it.

Great work second graders!! What do you do when technology fails?

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